We’re celebrating the anniversary of Laurel’s self-government. We’re also celebrating the exciting City we are today. Laurel was incorporated as The Town of Laurel 150 years ago – on April 4, 1870. Once incorporated, Laurel could make its own laws about everything from police to animals to drunk and disorderly conduct. The thriving city we know today is built on the foundation of that April 4, 1870 event. For more about Laurel’s history click here!
The Anniversary celebration kicks off at City Hall on January 13, 2020. It will last through December 14, 2020.
A 150th Anniversary Committee has created a year-long celebration. The year-long celebration includes both established City, and community events, as well as some specially designed for the 150th Anniversary. Each month of the year will highlight some aspect of today’s Laurel. For example, In April “Laurel is…Green” recognizes its commitment to the environment. May, Laurel is…Festive – celebrates our many festivals, including the Main Street Festival. September “Laurel is Inclusive”, as we recognize Emancipation Day, and Laurel’s diversity with the September 26 “Celebrate Laurel Today” event, A Passport to Rewards program will encourage people to attend events.
A “Passport to Rewards” program will encourage people to attend Anniversary-tagged events. Citizens/visitors can obtain a “Passport” that lists the thirty-four (34) 150th Anniversary Passport events. When they attend an event, they can get their Passport marked with a stamp or virtually stamped and qualify for prizes at the end of the year. The Passport Program will be available both in booklet and virtual form. For more information on the Passport to Rewards program and to find how to get a Passport, click here! Participation in the Passport to Rewards program is free.
All the year’s Passport events are part of the Anniversary celebration. Three major events specifically focus on the Anniversary. Others will include the anniversary in their events.

February 2-December 20, 2020: Unpacking Laurel’s Past: 150 Years on Display. This year long exhibit at the Laurel Museum will focus on objects, photos and written records that illustrate Laurel’s History.

April 4, 2020: The Sesquicentennial Soiree. The Laurel Historical Society partners with the City of Laurel for an amazing evening celebrating Laurel on the actual anniversary of the city’s creation.

September 26, 2020: Celebrate Laurel Today This family-friendly event will be the culmination of the 150th Celebration. Take a trip around the world to enjoy the many cultures, traditions, food and arts from the many communities that call Laurel home.
A Descendants Committee is collecting names of early Laurel residents and their direct descendants, including, but not limited to, those who still live in this area. A direct descendant is someone who can trace their lineage by “child” relationship back to the desired ancestor.

Descendants will be recognized at the “Celebrate Laurel Today!” event on September 26, 2020.

For more information on our Descendants Program, click here!
The 150th Anniversary is being organized by a committee of volunteers, and assisted by numerous other volunteers, with significant support from the City of Laurel. Funds for the celebration come from the City of Laurel, and private donations. Community support is definitely needed.
Check here for more information on how to volunteer.
To support the 150th Anniversary visit our Sponsors page!
At this time there are three primary commemorative items scheduled to be available. 1. A Commemorative Coin 2. A Laurel City Seal Ornament and 3. a 150th book.
Available for Pick Up After January 13, 2020:
All three items available for pickup at the Laurel Municipal Center Finance window:
8103 Sandy Spring Road, Laurel, Maryland…9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
The city seal ornament and commemorative coin are available for pickup at the Laurel Museum Gift Shop, 817 Main Street, Laurel. Wednesday-Friday 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.; Sunday 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Online ordering for shipping:
The city seal ornament and coin available at the Laurel Historical Society Online Shop.
The 150th Anniversary souvenir book available at [Laurel History Boys..website]
Although the City of Laurel has budgeted some money for the 150th anniversary celebration, we must raise significant funds to ensure that activities such as the “Celebrate Laurel Today” event are successful.
There are many opportunities for businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor single activities or demonstrate year-long support. For information on sponsorships click here.
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